SmellTaste 2017 is here

SmellTaste 2017, a new event is specifically targeted to individuals from around the world who have impaired smell or taste function, is set for this weekend.

The UFCST and Fifth Sense UK event kicks off Friday night with an informal social at First Magnitude Brewery, one of the sponsors of the SmellTaste conference, followed by two days of workshops and lectures on smell and taste loss.

Building on the success of Fifth Sense’s UK conferences, the planned program will include educational sessions with leading smell and taste researchers and clinicians that cover current chemosensory science and the development of new treatment strategies for smell and taste loss.

On Saturday afternoon, anosmic chef Adam Cole will give a lecture on his experience working in an industry that tends to rely on the sense of smell. The lecture is set for 5 pm Saturday in the HPNP auditorium is free and open to the public.

For more information on the other events that are part of SmellTaste 2017, take a look at the event website.

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