Research Seminar with Dr. Adam Dewan

UFCST to host a zoom seminar with guest speaker, Dr. Adam Dewan. Dr Dewan is an Assistant Professor in the  Department of Psychology at Florida State University. ​Dr. Dewan’s laboratory is focused on the molecular and cellular basis of sensory perception. They use a combination of genetic, optogenetic, optical imaging, and behavioral techniques in mice to explore how olfactory perception is mapped and encoded within the brain. Dr. Dewan will be presenting a talk entitled ” Dissecting Olfactory Perception.” 

For more information on Dr. Dewan and his research, please seek Dr. Dewan’s website.


The seminar will be held on Tuesday, Dec. 8th at 10:30 am EST. Please join us on zoom with the link listed below.

Meeting ID: 952 0595 1516

Passcode: 023088 


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