Pre-Doctoral Training Program in Chemosensory Science
Supported by a grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders
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Program Overview

The Training Program in Chemosensory Science (TCPS) is an NIH-supported pre-doctoral training program that prepares trainees for careers focused on the science of smell, taste and flavor in academia, industry and the public sector. Graduate students in five UF doctoral programs across three different UF Colleges (Medicine, Agriculture and Arts and Sciences) are eligible to train with TPCS faculty. Training opportunities include:

  • Mentorship from world-leading chemical senses scientists.
  • Research in state-of-the-art laboratories using cutting-edge technologies and approaches.
  • Interactions with visiting smell and taste scientists.
  • Dedicated lecture and team-based courses in sensory biology, chemosensation, translational science, research ethics and grant writing.
  • A unique, fully-funded “non-academic” internship with partners in the food/flavor/beverage industry or in technology transfer.

Additionally, trainees receive up to two years of support for stipends, tuition and fees, as well as an travel allowance for attending scientific conferences.

Application, Eligibility and Required Training Activities 

Training Program Mentors and Associated Ph.D. Programs 

Barry Ache, Ph.D.
Akito Kawahara, Ph.D.
Rebecca Kimball, Ph.D.
Hua Yan, Ph.D.
Jennifer Bizon, Ph.D.
Sara Burke, Ph.D.
Daniel Wesson, Ph.D.
Rui Xiao, Ph.D.
Sergei Zolotukhin, Ph.D.
Rebecca Butcher, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Blooquist, Ph.D.
Daniel Hahn, Ph.D.
Linda Bartoshuk, Ph.D.
Yu Wang, Ph.D.

Current Trainees
Arthur Zimmerman

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