Why give to the Center for Smell and Taste?

Much remains to be understood about chemosensory disorders and how to treat them. There is a growing appreciation of the way smell and taste intimately affects behaviors that impact human health and our quality of life. For example, smell and taste play important roles in guiding our dietary choices, thus contributing to both nutrition and to the risk of diseases of overconsumption such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, smell and taste deficits reduce the quality of life for millions of people, including an estimated 50 percent of the aged population.

Chemosensory science influences the human condition in other ways. Engineered sensors can be used as sentinels for detecting disease, pollutants, or other dangerous agents. Disrupting the ability of pest insects to find their hosts can limit the spread of disease and mitigate crop damage. Enhancing the smells and tastes of natural foods can improve food acceptance by children and the elderly. In all these ways, the UF Center for Smell and Taste can impact our everyday lives. 

Your gift helps the Center for Smell and Taste continue to foster discovery, application and education in the chemical senses. Philanthropic gifts are exceedingly valuable, as they allow the Center to rapidly respond to exciting research opportunities, plan for long-term development and support training of the next generation of basic science and clinical researchers studying the functions and dysfunctions of smell and taste. If you would like to donate to the center, we kindly ask you to click the link below.





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