News Brief

News Brief

UFCST and Smell Disorders Program Highlighted in Article Regarding COVID-19 Smell Loss

Dr. Adam Snoap, left, and Dr. Jeb Justice, center, demonstate the use of the olfactometer at the UF the Oak’s Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic. Photos By Brad McClenny

The pandemic has shed new light to smell and taste research. Co-Directors Dr. Jeb Justice and Dr. Steven Munger discussed the partnership between the Center for Smell and Taste and the Smell Disorders Program and the importance behind each. Munger and Justice discuss the harmful effects of smell impairment on a person’s quality of life. With many people experiencing long-term smell and taste impairment due to COVID-19, the Co-Directors spoke to a few treatment options available to those affected. The article highlighted some of the interdisciplinary research conducted at UF, ranging from pest control to food science and nutrition.

For those experiencing smell impairment, appointments can be made at the Smell Disorders Program at 352-594-0529.

To read the full article, follow this link to the Gainesville Sun.

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