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News Brief

Director Dr. Steven Munger Interviewed with NPR on Covid-19 and Recovering Smell Loss

With the loss of smell and taste becoming synonymous with symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, more eyes are turned to the research of olfactory disorders. UFCST director, Dr. Steven Munger, fellow researchers, and host Ari Shapiro discussed the phenomenon of smell and taste loss due to Covid-19 and rehabilitation for patients facing long term effects. Munger emphasized the impact smell disorders may have on quality of life, “I do think it has been neglected, in part because this sort of lack of understanding of how much it impacts individuals’ lives.” Munger continued, “There’s a very big emotional component to smell that is usually not as well understood by anybody unless it’s actually happened to you.”

To view the article or read the full transcript, please visit the NPR article “Learning How to Smell Again After Covid-19.”

Listen to the 5 minute interview here:


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