Research Seminar with Dr. Linda Barlow

Dr. Linda Barlow will be presenting her seminar entitled “Generating and Regenerating a Sense of Taste.” Barlow is a professor in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado Denver. Dr. Barlow is interested in the Development and regeneration of the taste system, specificallly the constant regrowth of our tastes buds. Her research focuses on loss of taste function, disordered taste, and “upper tasters” all in relation to taste cell and taste bud turnover.

Linda Barlow, Ph. D. University of Colorado School of Medicine

The seminar will begin at 10:30AM on Tuesday, Oct. 8th in room R5-265 located on the second floor of the Academic Research Building. Directions to the seminar are available below, and a full list of planned UFCST Seminar speakers for the 2019-20 academic year can be found on the Center’s website.

For more information, please seek our event flyer and Dr. Barlow’s website.

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