News Brief

News Brief

Francis Lam Visits UF

The UF Center for Smell and Taste had the pleasure of hosting award-winning food editor and Splendid Table host, Francis Lam on campus on Wednesday, February 21.

Lam spent the day meeting with several UFCST faculty members including Drs. Harry Klee, Linda Bartoshuk, Daniel Wesson and Yu Wang. He learned more about the Center, it’s mission and the research being conducted by UFCST scientists. Lam also visited the new clinic for the UF Health Smell Disorders Program, where he tried out the new olfactometer used by the clinic to help diagnose olfactory impairments.

In the evening, a live Q&A was held at Emerson Hall where Lam shared many meaningful stories about the intersection of food, culture and his own personal experiences. Members from the audience had the opportunity to interact with Lam and ask him questions about his thoughts on the restaurant industry’s culture and its future, social media’s influence on food and how we eat and the balance between preserving traditions and keeping up with food trends.

We are so thankful for Lam’s visit and appreciate him sharing his stories with us.

Lam with Dr. Harry Klee

Lam with WUFT

Dr. Munger explaining the olfactometer to Lam

Live Q&A


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