TPCS Requirements


UF graduate students who wish to be considered for appointment in the TPCS must:

  • Be enrolled in one of the five TPCS-affiliated doctoral programs (Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Entomology & Nematology, Food Science & Human Nutrition)
  • Have successfully completed two semesters of coursework in their home program, maintained at least a B average in their coursework and otherwise be in good standing in their graduate program.
  • Have been accepted into a TPCS Program Faculty Laboratory for dissertation research.
  • Intend to conduct dissertation research focused on chemosensory science.


Application Process 

  • Candidate trainees will typically apply for appointment at the end of the Spring semester of their first year in their Ph.D. program

  • Applications must include a copy of their undergraduate transcript and GRE scores, a list of courses and grades during graduate school; a statement of research interest and training goals; and a letter of support from their faculty mentor

  • Applications to our associated graduate programs are evaluated based on undergraduate course load, GPA, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, a personal statement from the applicant, the applicant’s previous research experience and a personal interview.


Required Program Activity 

Required Courses

  • GMS 6670-204G Sensory Biology (Spring semester, 1st or 2nd year of Ph.D program – 3 credits)
  • GMS 7795-16GC Topics in Chemosensation (Fall semesters of both training years – 1 credit)
  •  GMS 7593-2G11 Translational Research and Therapeutics: Bench, Bedside, Community, & Policy (Fall Semester, 2nd Year of Ph.D. program – 3 credits)
  • GMS 7003 Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research (Spring, 1st year of Ph.D. program – 1 credit) – or approved equivalent
  • GMS 6096 Introduction to NIH Grant Writing (Spring semester, 2nd year of Ph.D. program – 1 credit) – or approved equivalent


Internship Opportunity

Our mandatory, mentored internships will provide our trainees with substantive exposure to alternative careers in chemosensory science. During the first year of TPCS support, trainees will hear presentations from internship hosts about the nature of their work and expectations of the internship. In the second year of support, the trainee will complete the internship. As the internships are part of the training program, stipend support for the trainees will be maintained during the internship. The TPCS will provide travel and housing support for internships outside of Gainesville through programmatic funds provided by UF.

• Kerry, Inc.

• The Coca-Cola Company

• The UF Office of Technology Licensing

• Others TBD

For questions, please contact

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