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Martens Lab explores causes of anosmia

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A diverse faculty, featuring members from 20 departments and six colleges

A University-wide center fostering discovery, application and education in the chemical senses
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News Briefs

UFCST research finds children are more sensitive to sugar

According to new research published by members of the UFCST, children are more sensitive than adults when it comes to how much sugar is in their...
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UFCST has moved into its new office

The University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste, a university wide center that coordinates and promotes research and education in the...
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Research Seminar with Sandeep Robert Datta set for June 20

The seminar will be held in room R5-265 of the Academic Research building starting at 11 AM.
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Dan Wesson, PhD, joins UFCST faculty

Daniel Wesson, Ph.D., joined the UF Center for Smell and Taste and faculty this month, making him the 53rd on-campus faculty member for the...
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