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Martens Lab explores causes of anosmia

UFCST Faculty

A diverse faculty, featuring members from 20 departments and six colleges

A University-wide center fostering discovery, application and education in the chemical senses
UF Center for Smell and Taste

News Briefs

Francis Lam Visits UF

The UF Center for Smell and Taste had the pleasure of hosting award-winning food editor and Splendid Table host, Francis Lam on campus on...
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The Tongue Map is a Myth

Watch this short video to learn more about the tongue map and why it’s wrong.
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Linda Bartoshuk discusses taste phantoms in Popular Science

Kate Baggaley’s article in Popular Science featuring Linda Bartoshuk.
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Scents and sensibility

Check out the University of Florida’s article by Alisson Clark about the Center for Smell and Taste and smell disorders.
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