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Martens Lab explores causes of anosmia


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A diverse faculty, featuring members from 20 departments and six colleges

A University-wide center fostering discovery, application and education in the chemical senses
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News Briefs

UFCST member named Teacher-Scholar of the Year

The University of Florida Office of the Provost announced April 7, 2015, that UFCST member and College of Engineering Professor Jose Principe has...
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UFCST Associate Director elected as AChemS president

UFCST Associate Director Dr. Steven Munger has been elected by the chemosensory community to lead the Association for Chemoreception Science, the...
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UFCST members to present new research at national meeting of smell and taste scientists

The Association for Chemoreception Sciences, the largest scientific society focused on advancing understanding of smell and taste, holds its...
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New research delves into nematode pheromones

Nematodes, or roundworms, are found everywhere on earth, and more than 25,000 species have been identified. They can be either free-living, such...
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