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What to Expect

If you are struggling with smell loss, the Olfaction Clinic at UFHealth may be able to help you better understand and deal with your condition. The Olfaction Clinic at UFHealth is a collaborative effort between the Department of Otolaryngology and the Center for Smell and Taste. 

Here’s what to expect when visiting the clinic.

Making an Appointment

Patients can book an appointment through the clinic’s online portal or by contacting the Department of Otolaryngology by phone and requesting an appointment with the Olfaction Clinic at UFHealth.

Visiting the Clinic

The Olfaction Clinic at UFHealth is located at the UFHealth Family Medicine Hampton Oaks complex in Gainesville, Fla.

<br>Hampton Oaks provides free, onsite parking for your convenience and is easily accessible from I-75.

Directions from I-75:

Take exit 387 for Newberry Road. / FL 26 and turn East towards Gainesville. Go past the Oaks Mall on the right and turn right at the next stop light at NW 62nd Street. Hampton Oaks will be the first right past the Oaks Mall parking lot (approximately .5 miles).

Your Appointment

After checking in, you will meet with medical and research specialists with knowledge of smell disorders.

The UFHealth physicians will speak with you conduct various tests in order to diagnose what type of smell disorder you are experiencing.

Smell disorder experts from the Center for Smell and Taste will also meet with you to discuss smell loss and how patients affected by it can contact support groups or stay up to date on the latest research in the field.

Whats Next?

Living with smell dysfunction can affect one’s ability to enjoy simple things like their favorite foods and drinks and can lead to depression and feelings of isolation. Even though not all smell dysfunction can be treated, the University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste can point Olfaction Clinic patients toward support groups and information on how to cope with smell dysfunction.