Requirements and Expectations

Call for UFCST Seed Grant Proposals (Faculty Collaborations)

The PIs must:

  • be employed by the University of Florida.
  • propose a research project related to the mission area of the UFCST
  • plan to submit an extramural grant (federal, state or private foundation) within one (1) year of the seed grant award. Failure to do so could jeopardize future seed grant support for the laboratory.
  • propose projects that are new collaborations. Proposals from faculty teams who already have shared extramural support will not be eligible for funding.


Complete applications will require:

  • the completed form fields and questions, including a short Abstract (1800 characters max), a statement of relevance to the mission of the UFCST (1800 characters max), and plans for future funding (1000 characters max).
  • an attached, single pdf containing the Specific Aims and Research Plan (2-3 pages combined) and References (up to 1 page).
  • an attached, single pdf containing the budget and justification (typically 1 page).
  • acknowledgements that relevant approvals (e.g., IACUC, IRB, IBC) must be in place before funds can be dispersed.

Grants are for one (1) year, and budgets cannot exceed $20,000. Eligible expenses include those needed to conduct the proposed research, such as reagents, disposables, equipment, animals or travel to a research site. Salaries or fringe benefits are not eligible for funding through this mechanism. No indirect costs are awarded. Decisions will be announced in December, 2018, with funding anticipated to begin January, 2019.

Acceptance of an award comes with the expectation that PIs will designate at least 2.5% of available indirect funds associated with chemosensory-related extramural grants to the UFCST.

If you have questions, please contact

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