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News Briefs

UFCST member places third in Elegance of Science contest

UF Neuroscience assistant professor and UFCST member Jeremy McIntyre took home third place in the Florida Museum of Natural History’s 2016...
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A Report on SmellTaste2017

By Steven Munger of UFCST and Duncan Boak of Fifth Sense The weekend of February 24-26, 2017, saw 67 people from around the world (as far away as...
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Check out the Q&A with Adam Cole from SmellTaste2017

SmellTaste2017 was a success! The UFCST and Fifth Sense UK event kicked off off Feb. 24 with an informal social at First Magnitude Brewery, one...
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SmellTaste 2017 is here

SmellTaste 2017, a new event is specifically targeted to individuals from around the world who have impaired smell or taste function, is set for...
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